A 30 minute documentary about a village called Cockshutt in the county of Shropshire, England went on sale at the 2006 Cockshutt village fete. The launch of the DVD Once in a Lifetime was timed to coincide with the June fete, for it was exactly ten years previously that the village was in the middle of a major fundraising drive to replace it's old community hall.


The villagers two year struggle to raise 165,000 resulted in Cockshutt receiving a national lottery grant from the Millennium Commission, which ultimately led to the building of the 330,000 Millennium Hall.


Once In A Lifetime captures events leading up to the grand opening in December 1997 and then reflects on village life today. Since it's launch the DVD has sold over 127 copies and raised a significant amount of money towards the village hall's latest project.

The Lighting Rig Proposal

The village hall committee plan to install a 10kw lighting rig in the stage area of the hall, to be used mainly by CADS Cockshutt Amateur Dramatics Society. CADS are based at the hall but need the equipment to light up their productions. The rig would also be available for other users of the hall and is expected to be in operation by Jan 2007.

The cost of the equipment is estimated at 7,500. CADS have applied to the West Midlands Awards For All scheme while the Millennium Hall Committee have approached North Shropshire Voluntary Action Ellesmere Community Chest for help.

December 2006

The award schemes have now approved funding for the Millennium Hall Committee's proposals for stage lighting equipment

West Midlands Awards For All

North Shropshire Voluntary Action



The remaining 1,000 will be met by village hall funds which includes 635.00 already raised from sale of the Once In A Lifetime DVD's


January 2007

Work by the electricians has now started on the installation of the rig and it's expected to be completed by early February.

CADS have applied to the Muller Community Trust Fund for a 1,500 grant to buy a 40ft storage container for props stage sets and costumes.

February 15th 2007

The lighting equipment has now been installed and is ready for use, just one day before Cockshutt Amateur Dramatics Society's first production using the new rig. The total cost of the installation was slightly less than anticipated at 7,300


The Muller Community Trust Fund have awarded CADS a 1,500 grant for their storage container which will be delivered in early spring.

A press interview held by hall chairman Sydney Davies and Clare Jenkins Director of CADS and members of the CADS committee has been given to The North Shropshire Chronicle.

February 16th 2007

Curtain goes up on CADS production of "Dick Whittington" using the new equipment.




CADS promo for

"Dick Whittington"

Pictures of the new

lighting rig


Members of the Village Hall

committee and CADS

All the equipment purchased was supplied by Starlight Theatre Services of Sheriffhales, Shropshire. Starlight installed the lighting rig  with help from members of the village hall committee and also members of CADS to reduce labour costs. Wiring for sound equipment has since been installed and there are plans to apply for a further grant for a new public address system.




To the people of Glossop, Derbyshire for purchasing copies of the Once In A Lifetime DVD. Their contribution to the village hall's stage lighting project was gratefully received.

The Millennium Hall relies on charity donations in order to function on a daily basis.

The Once In A Lifetime DVD remained on sale until October 2011.


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